Clarissa Baldwin manipulates images that have become everyday and part of ordinary life through their distribution in newspapers. Through a process of repetition, violent imagery turns to aesthetic pattern, representations of war become mere decoration. A simultaneous attraction and unnerving is produced through the contradiction of the beauty of the decorative field, set against the horrific implications of repeated image disguised within it.

Violence is not made invisible though, the repetition does not reproduce the image but camouflages that which is understood as a threat. Yet, it is through the decorative field that the horrific implications expose themselves as the individual elements become apparent.There is not only a process of camouflaging violence within Baldwin’s work, there is also a production of violence camouflaged within this.



Curriculum Vitae

Clarissa Baldwin
D.O.B: 09/02/77
Nationality: British

98-01 BA Hons Fine Art Degree, Plymouth University, Exeter, UK.
02-04 Postgraduate/MA Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

02 – Rainbow Gallery, Cornwall, UK
02 – ‘Best in the West’, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK.
03 – ‘Butterfly’,De5er, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
03– ‘War Wonderland’,De5er, Rotterdam.
03 – ‘Nachtwatcht’, Locus 010, Rotterdam.
04 – Graduation show, TENT, Rotterdam.

05 - Gallery sign, Groningen

04– ‘the projection’, published by BAK, Utrecht, as part 5 of the project ‘Now What? Dreaming a better world in six parts’, artist’s contribution.
05 – (upcoming)‘Experience, Memory, Re-enactment’, published by Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, artist’s contribution.

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